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Re: Bug#457353: gdome2-xslt: should not be a Debian-native package

tags 457353 + wontfix

On Fri, Dec 21, 2007 at 07:20:57PM +0000, brian m. carlson wrote:
> You're missing a .diff.gz, which means that this is a native package.  This 
> package is in no way specific to Debian, which means that this shouldn't be 
> a Debian-native package.

Sorry, but I disagree with this interpretation. For me a Debian native
package is a package which contains the official debian packaging stuff
in the upstream tarball. Since I'm also upstream for gdome2-xslt and the
software has been used historically always as a Debian package, to me
that is a native Debian package.

There are other examples of packages in the archive which are no way
Debian specific, but which are native as gdome2-xslt is; a fresh example
I have in mind is ikiwiki.

Of course if the global consensus will change so that native packages
are only those Debian-specific I would be more than happy to change
gdome2-xslt, but at the moment I feel there is no such a consensus.

Cc-ing -devel for the sake of this discussion.


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