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Re: wxwidgets 2.8, anyone?

Ron wrote:
We already ostensibly have a group of DD's that
have committed themselves to some degree or another to help with
this, and I've been handing out access to the resources available
for that like candy to all who asked.

and yet there has nothing happened (which is just a statement and not an accusation to you or anyone else).

There are even sketches for a transition plan.  If you'd like to
review that, and think there is some way you can help, then please
Just Ask Me.  M'kay?


why not just upload wxwidget2.8 now to unstable (without naming clashes to 2.4 and 2.6), so that those packages which *need* wxwidget2.8 can use it?

I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to divine VZ's 'interest'
in Debian -- but this offer is wide open to anyone who really wants
to help.  But just shoving some half-assed package into the distro
and saying "to hell with transitions, let god sort it out", isn't
really what I'd call Best Practice for building a distro release.

I agree that it is a mess to have multiple versions of the same package in the archive. However, I think it is not ok to block those packages which require new wxwidget in favour for those old packages which do not (yet or will never ever) work with the new wxiwdget, if it is for the only purpose of having only two instead of three wxwidgets in the archive.

or in other words: It's less worse to have three wxwidget versions in the archive than only two and having other packages delaying/blocking by that.

If we can move from the hyperbolae to some rational discussion about
what _actually_ needs to be done, and who _actually will_ do it, this
might actually be productive.  In the absence of that, quite clearly,
not much is getting done.  I for one don't find that a particularly
surprising resultant outcome.

My plan would be:

  * review and upload the package from Vadim in the next days.

  * try to really get rid of wxwidget2.4.

  * try to get rid of wxwidget2.6 if possible.

What is your alternative plan, or is your position of lenny-without-wx2.8 still current?


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