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Re: poppler transition

On Wed, Dec 19, 2007 at 01:09:35PM +0100, Norbert Preining wrote:

> Can we somehow organize that the poppler transition can be done in a
> reasonable time frame?

Only with the cooperation of the maintainers, of course.

> Currently the problematic packages are (from bjorn.haxx.se):
> . gimp
> 	uploaded yesterday, needs again 10 days ...

Not problematic TTBOMK, it's built cleanly everywhere and I've bumped the
urgency of the package.  (Having to bump urgency on a new upstream version
of gimp is in a sense its own problem, but this needn't be a blocker for
poppler in any case.)

> . luatex
> 	needs 2 more days

No, the real problem with luatex is:

$ grep-excuses luatex
luatex (0.11.2-1 to 0.20.1-1)
    Maintainer: Debian TeX Maintainers 
    Too young, only 9 of 10 days old
    out of date on arm: luatex (from 0.15-1)

The package fails to build with a screwy, arch-specific build failure on
arm.  (As in, the failing code is arm specific.)  Needs investigation.

> . abiword-plugins
> 	not yet built on mipsel
> 	should be ignored, but forced by vorlon

It is built, the build is not uploaded.  abiword seems to have some
excessively large log files that get stuck in mail systems, so I've pinged
the buildd maintainer about this one (in addition to forcing the package in

> So let's hope that NO new uploads are happening for the following 8
> days. At least I will refrain from uploading anything.

There should be at least one, since luatex has an as-yet-unfiled RC bug in

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