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Re: Bug#456782: ITP: tcpwatch -- tcpwatch is a recorder for HTTP requests in Python


On Wed, 19.12.2007 at 18:23:19 -0200, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh@debian.org> wrote:
> Well, personally, I'd rather not have such a thing in Debian with that name.
> And the fact that upstream called it that way doesn't speak highly of the
> tool, either IMHO.

well, the latest release of that tool is dated 2004, and it was
developed by a person who has no primary interest in network traffic

Having said that, I have also to say that

> We have *real* tcp stream/flow watchers and recorders in Debian already.
> Also, ethereal/wireshark can postprocess and analyze http traffic, if you
> require a GUI.  If this new tool can do better for http traffic (which I

this is highly irrelevant for the matter at hand because this tool is
specifically well suited to be used as a tool from inside funkload (not
by humans directly these days) to record web requests and write them to
file as Python code which you can later modify to automate web-related
tasks, or run tests against web based applications.

Rewriting funkload to do that with a different tool, eg. wireshark, is
nigh impossible, or at least highly unreasonable, given that the
tcpwatch script is 1485 lines of pure Python _only_, with no external

> don't doubt it could, but it is not certain so far), it should at least be
> properly named... And if it cannot do better than the tools we already have
> in the archive, why package it?

It enhances the functionality of funkload in a very good way many users
of funkload actually use, and it fits into the funkload suite like a
glove, so to say. It's more like a libary than a self-contained program
except that it actually is, and still has its own Tkinter GUI, too (for
those of us who like retro computing).


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