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Re: Bug#456782: ITP: tcpwatch -- tcpwatch is a recorder for HTTP requests in Python

On Tue, 18 Dec 2007, Toni Mueller wrote:
> > A few things: why is it called "tcpwatch" when it only watches HTTP
> > requests? A better name would be "httpwatch".
> it's named that way by upstream. I want to keep confusion to a minimum

Well, personally, I'd rather not have such a thing in Debian with that name.
And the fact that upstream called it that way doesn't speak highly of the
tool, either IMHO.

We have *real* tcp stream/flow watchers and recorders in Debian already.
Also, ethereal/wireshark can postprocess and analyze http traffic, if you
require a GUI.  If this new tool can do better for http traffic (which I
don't doubt it could, but it is not certain so far), it should at least be
properly named... And if it cannot do better than the tools we already have
in the archive, why package it?

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