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Re: wdg-html-validator versus w3c-html-validator

On Fri, 14 Dec 2007, David Bremner wrote:

I noticed that wdg-html-validator had been orphaned for more than a
year, and since I use the offline validator script, I filed an ITA
(http://bugs.debian.org/390833). Now that I look at the logistics of
packaging it (download 5 files from 5 places, make .orig.tar.gz by

This could be fixed by creating a get-orig-source target for

no watch file)

... but there is no reasonable fix (which is true for several other
packages).  Perhaps you might be able to educate upstream to provide
a reasonable tarball?

1) If there is another good offline (i.e. shell command) html
validator in Debian? weblint-perl for (non)-example does not support

I'm not aware of anything that is comparable regarding strictness
and verbosity.

2) Are there any compelling advantages to the cgi validator provided
by wdg-html-validator versus w3c-html-validator?  The packages have
about the same popcon counts.

I did not checked w3c-html-validator but my impression is that
wdg-html-validator does a *really* good job and I would really
miss the offline version.

If the answer to 1=yes, 2=no, probably I will re-orphan.  If 1=no,
2=no, I might consider repackaging just the offline validator.

I would be really happy if somebody would care about wdg-html-validator.

Kind regards



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