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Portability links in library and development packages?

Let us say I have packages libfoo++1 and libfoo++-dev which make standard files

/usr/lib/libfoo++.so.1 -> libfoo++.so.1.0.0


/usr/lib/libfoo++.so --> libfoo++.so.1.0.0

Now, in some other distributions, these files are called foopp instead
of foo++, and so to aid portability of client code, I put in the
additional following links.

/usr/lib/libfoopp.so.1 -> libfoo++.so.1


/usr/lib/libfoopp.a --> libfoo++.a
/usr/lib/libfoopp.la --> libfoo++.a
/usr/lib/libfoopp.so --> libfoo++.so
/usr/include/foopp --> foo++

I have a funny feeling that such links could break something, but I
cannot find a case where it actually does.  Can any of you?

                                                    Jens Peter Secher.
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