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Re: priorities


On Fri, 7 Dec 2007 08:25:05 +0100
NN_il_Confusionario <pinkof.pallus@tiscalinet.it> wrote:

> Question: is there somewhere on the net a script (*) such that:
> * it accepts two parameters: a debian release (etch, sarge, woody, ...)
>   and an (empty) directory;
> * it installs required/essential packages (_all_ of them but _only_
>   them) of such a release as a chroot in that directory
> ? [Mybe also a third parameter will be useful, the architecture]
> (*) complete and explicit lists to use with debootstrap are a solution.
> (debootstrap by default installs quite more than really
> required/essential packages).
> Every time I do someting like that, too much time is spent for
> dependency hunting. Ad every time I forget to save the list of packages :-(

Isn't minimal flavour in cdeboostrap doing this? So the script would
be: "cdebootstrap -f minimal sid /tmp/foobar".

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