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Re: uploading as Debian Maintainer - rejected

Hi Miriam, Joey, Aníbal, Adeodato, Vincent, Michael and Bernd,

you are right, it's most probably the missing XS-. Thanks for finding
this out. I recently created a wiki page:


because I wasn't able to google this page, that I just found:


that describes everything, including my problem, so I linked the
second one from the first one.

> PS: I'm CCing you just in case ;-)...

I am subscribed. :) Also on -announce, devel-announce, -qa, -python.
But I wasn't to -newmaint, which
I should have had. I fixed that now.

> lol, I somehow managed to mix up Kartik and Certik ;-)
> Sorry Ondrej for this faux pax.

No problem, I was just curious, what you concluded from that changelog.


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