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Re: Draft new policy document format

Hi Manoj,

On Saturday 01 December 2007 07:29, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         At Debconf earlier this year, I gave a talk about the benefits
>  of creating language for a lintian/linda check whenever we introduce a
>  new policy rule (when appropriate, and feasible, of course)...

I've completly missed that, or at least I dont remember.. guess I was busy :)

>         With this in mind, I have created an initial draft format of the
>  Debian technical policy set, and am including it in this mail.
>         Comments appreciated.

Looks good and exciting to me! Thank you (all) for working on this!

Now that I write this "thank you" mail I notice I have something (little) to 
contribute: please keep in mind, that there are also policies without lintian 
checks, like DMUP, testing transition policies and whatnot. It would be 
great, if they could also profit from this.


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