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Re: Mass bug filing: non-UTF8 debian/{control.changelog}

On Wed, Nov 28, 2007 at 02:46:56AM +0100, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> > changelog #xxxxxx debian-el                      Peter_S_Galbraith
> > changelog #xxxxxx devscripts-el                  Peter_S_Galbraith
> > changelog #xxxxxx dpkg-dev-el                    Peter_S_Galbraith
> > changelog #xxxxxx emacs-goodies-el               Peter_S_Galbraith
> > changelog #xxxxxx gnus-bonus-el                  Peter_S_Galbraith
> > changelog #xxxxxx vm-bonus-el                    Peter_S_Galbraith
> Hi, thanks for the notice. All the above are fixed in $VCS.

  zack@aquarium:~$ debcheckout -p dpkg-dev-el
  No repository found for package 'dpkg-dev-el', a Vcs-* field is missing in its source
  # same goes for all other packages above

[OT] can you then please declare the $VCS relevant information in the
source stanza of your debian/controls? Let me know if you want a
wish-list bug report for that.

Many thanks in advance!

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