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Re: dpkg-substvars

Magnus Holmgren wrote:
> If I'm not mistaken, there is no standard way of getting the value of just a 
> single arbitrary substitution variable, such as ${source:Upstream-Version}. 
> Consequently, countless of debian/rules and other scripts reinvent the wheel 
> using dpkg-parsechangelog together with slightly varying sed programs, which 
> sometimes give an incorrect result.
> So I thought that it might be a good idea to implement a general-case 
> dpkg-substvars. Turns out somebody already did that - seven years ago. 
> However, http://bugs.debian.org/66336 was tagged wontfix, probably because it 
> tried to make it possible to use substitution variables in package names.
> But if we forget about variable package names, wouldn't dpkg-substvars be a 
> good idea?

It would be a good idea *with* variable package names.


It would also save me a fair bit of work in emdebian-tools where I'm
always querying the source package name and various other components of
the parsechangelog output.


Neil Williams

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