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Re: xinetd is a viable inet-superserver

On Tue, Nov 27, 2007 at 05:42:43PM +0000, Klaus Ethgen wrote:
> Hello,
> Am Di den 27. Nov 2007 um 16:13 schrieb Pierre Habouzit:
> >   (1) xinetd reads and honours /etc/inetd.conf ;
> As long as this is default switched of this might be ok.

  No it's on by default, and easy to change in /etc/default/xinetd. But
I do believe (and there was an RC open on xinetd for that, and I agree
about it) that it being off by default is wrong, because xinetd cannot
document it's a proper inet-superserver without doing that. If as an
administrator you disagree, you can change that anytime.

> >   (2) if a service is configured through /etc/xinetd.d/ own
> >       configuration files _and_ inetd.conf then the former wins, which
> >       sounds like a reasonable thing.
> And what if a service is intentional _not_ configured for xinetd and the
> inetd.conf is ignored?

  Since xinetd conflicts with inet-superserver it's the sole one that
can honour /etc/inetd.conf.  The final plan is to let update-inetd work
on both the xinetd configuration and /etc/inetd.conf. This way, here are
the possible scenarios and administrator can use:

(1) only honour /etc/xinetd* files, by disabling compat mode
(2) work in compat mode, with the (probable, I did not checked but it's
    likely) drawback that a service "disabled" in the /etc/xinetd* and
    enabled in /etc/inetd.conf will probably be run.

  There are 2 ways of not falling in the (2) trap:
  - either always use update-inetd to enable or disable services (once
    it'll support xinetd configuration files btw)
  - or me patching xinetd if it behaves like I fear it does to ignore
    services from /etc/inetd.conf that are filed under the same name
    than in /etc/xinetd*. I believe it to be the proper approach, I'll
    try to write a patch asap.

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