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ICU 3.8 transition coming up

As soon as the current icu 3.6 version transitions to lenny (should be
about three days), I intend to upload ICU 3.8 to sid.  Once this is
done, you will have to change your packages BuildDepends to depend on
libicu-dev instead of libicu36-dev.  Now that I am removing the soname
From the lib dev package, future icu transitions should be achievable
with binary NMUs, but for this time, the explicit change will be
required.  ICU 3.8 has been in experimental for some time, and ICU 3.8
is supposed to be source compatible with ICU 3.6, so I hope that the
transition to go smoothly and quickly.  I'll report bugs to any
depending packages that have not uploaded a new version within several
days of the upload.  I'll send another message out when I upload (but
I will not copy debian-devel on that one).

Jay Berkenbilt <qjb@debian.org>

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