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Re: libFOO-BAR naming convention

>>>>> Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org> writes:

 >> I vaguely recall seeing a recommendation for library packages for a
 >> particular language to follow libFOO-BAR naming convention in
 >> Debian, where FOO is the name of a library, and BAR is an arbitrary
 >> common suffix (thus, liberror-perl, or libsqlite-ocaml.)

 > This depends on the language; chech the sub-policy for each
 > language -- unless you're preparing packages for a new language?

	Sort of.  I'm planning to spend some time preparing Debian
	packages for Chicken extensions.

 > e.g. perl and java will use *-perl and *-java, but python notably
 > uses python-* obviously.


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