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Re: help on icu bug 451767/451978: extra dependency

On Tue, Nov 20, 2007 at 10:24:47PM -0500, Jay Berkenbilt wrote:
> Fellow developers,
> I'm requesting some assistance on bugs 451767 and 451978 (which are
> the same).  On some 64-bit platforms, the ICU packages create 32-bit
> libraries.  Unfortunately, the dependencies on the 32-bit library
> package for 64-bit systems (lib32icu36) is listed as a dependency of
> the regular 32-bit libraries (libicu36) on at least amd64.  The
> Depends line for each in the control file is just ${shlibs:Depends}.
> So it seems that dh_shlibdeps is deciding that the 64-bit libraries
> should depend on the 32-bit libraries, and it's not clear how to
> prevent from doing so.
> I can think of a two potential solutions:
>  * Figure out exactly why dh_shlibdeps is deciding to do this.
>    Unfortunately, I don't have a really good way to do this since
>    pergolesi doesn't have all of icu's build dependencies installed
>    and I don't have access to any other amd64 system.  I could work
>    around these issues as I describe below.

You can copy the built packages on pergolesi and dpkg-deb -x them in
your $HOME, then check with objdump -x libicu.so.36 | grep NEEDED.


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