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Re: Early adopters of symbol based dependencies needed

So FWIW, I have aalib using a symbol file, it's what I used to test the
debhelper modifications. Haven't uploaded it yet because it will have to
build-depend on the recent dpkg bugfix. Also because dpkg-shlibdeps is
now smart enough to complain about some unnecessary linkages to things
like libm and libslang in libaa-bin, and I haven't sat down and figured
out if I should really remove those direct linkages (probably).

I also thought about using symbol files for the not very shared
libraries in the fbreader source package, but there's C++ symbol
mangling going on, so I think I can't.

> 1/ The symbols files associate a minimum version to each symbol that an
> application might be using. By default, that version is calculated as the
> first version where the symbol appeared.

Assuming the first version of the symbol is at least in oldstable. :-)

see shy jo

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