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Re: MTA comparison (postfix, exim4, ...)

Just to be sure...

I am running postfix now just to find out the same questions you have...

I see no practical reason to run postfix on desktop machine now except
if postfix is something you are very familiar with...  As you mght have
expected, Manoj who is one of the best DD and wants to package
everything without debhelper seems to be running sendmail on his desktop
machine.  I am not taking this data to say we should follow him.  This
data was meant to give some objective status view.  

Just because popcon says exim4 is the one everyone running, it is not
the whole truth.  That is the context of my survay.

Instead of removing data on you, it may be interesting to edit the
following text to provide information on you and also add section on why
you think exim is better as note on wiki.

Please edit text as you wish... and correct English of mine :-)

Let me comment on your comment as below....
On Fri, Nov 16, 2007 at 10:36:06AM +0000, MJ Ray wrote:
> Osamu Aoki <osamu@debian.org> wrote:
> > After seeing recent post(*) on the default MTA issue, I did some
> > research and experiment on MTAs.  They are summarized at:
> >  http://wiki.debian.org/DefaultMTA
> Although I am identified as running Postfix there, that was installed
> as a test a while ago.  Most of my upstream servers (including those
> which I control) run Exim and I will probably switch nail back to Exim
> on next upgrade.  There are problems with Postfix that I just haven't
> figured out and cause me problems:

Me too.  

> 1. it doesn't seem to have as many anti-spam possibilities as Exim -
> there's postgrey for greylisting, but how can I tarpit RBL matches and
> other offences?
> 2. when an email that I'm forwarding (due to /etc/aliases or a
> .forward or whatever) comes in, can I start trying to send it straight
> out and SMTP-reject it if the remote host doesn't want it?  My only
> production postfix server generates some blowback from joe-jobs if
> users forward mail to a more restrictive host, which I think is a
> serious problem.
> I'd love to know if the above are solved problems whose solutions I've
> not found.  Otherwise, you may want to discount my appearance on
> http://wiki.debian.org/DefaultMTA as that Postfix won't last.

Please list possible issues with postfix there.  This will make exim4
position better.

For me, exim4 is better:
 * less memory on run time
 * mailname is implimented as expected by the policy.


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