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Trying to learn how to package a software

    Hi, all.
    I'm trying to learn how to package a software.
I'm using Pivot (http://www.pivotlog.net/) as a case study.
    It is written in PHP (maybe a bad choice for me because
i'm not a PHP programmer) and it has a subdirectory named db
where it stores some data.  The relevant part is:

|-- pivot
|   |-- db
|   |   |-- refkeys
|   |   |-- rsscache
|   |   |-- search
|   |   |-- standard-00000
|   |   |-- tagdata
|   |   |-- tbkeys
|   |   `-- users

    I tried to put db in /var/cache/pivot-weblog/db/ and the
rest of the directories in /usr/share/pivot-weblog/.  However,
there are some scripts in the pivot directory that manage the
information stored in db and refer to files inside it using 
relative paths.  For exaple, from pv_core.php:
    if (file_exists("db/ser_lasttrack.php"))
    I'd like knowing if there is a way to make pv_core.php
access the directory /var/cache/pivot-weblog/db/ without
writing the full path in the source code.  Any suggestion?
    Thanks in advance.

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