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Bug#450922: Acknowledgement (minc: New version avialable) (fwd)


I'm wondering whether I did something wrong when filing a "New version
available" bug against a source package.  The package in question is
called "minc" and is listed as source package at


as well as former bugs are stored in BTS against this package:


When I filed a bug against the package reportbug told me that it was
unable to find a source or binary package with that name and I assumed
that it was a missing deb-src line in my sources.list and ignored this
warning.  Strangely enough I got back the message below that the
report was sent to unknown-package@qa.debian.org.

To circumvent the problem I reassigned the bug to one of the binary
packages which will at least serve the issue to inform the maintainer,
but I wonder whether there is a bug in debbugs that causes this problem.
It might be connected to #414825 or #435926 - but I guess it is a
different problem.

Kind regards


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Subject: Bug#450922: Acknowledgement (minc: New version avialable)

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