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Re: RFC: cups as "default" printing system for lenny?

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Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt wrote:
> I think we may want to start thinking about getting rid of the whole
> thing and switching to something which allows us to express more complex
> importance measurements for packages. In fact, d-i and its task system
> have been a step in that direction, so we maybe should evaluate if we
> want to formalize it a bit more and get it into policy to replace
> priorities.

A use-case based priority system is clearly - IMHO - a better suited
system then the "Priority:" paradigm for a distribution as broad
reaching as Debian.
Whether by extending the tasks system, the Priority paradigm (by perhaps
including a [use-case] tag, for instance: "Priority: standard
[!embeded]") or another wholly different approach, this seems like a
worthwhile idea.

One of the possible advantages for a different paradigm would be for
"reduced" CDDs, such as Emdebian, whose standard set of packages might
divert considerably by having _less_ packages, in which case the current
task system would fall short, AFAICT.


Leo "costela" Antunes
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