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Watching mentors and nifticlib


as you know we have several people who maintain Debian-Med relevant
packages but are no official DDs and thus needs sponsoring.  Today
I stumpled over a new version of nifticlib that would close the
show stopper bug which keeps the current version out of testing -
so we might be interested to get this uploaded soon. This fact
brought up several issues to discuss:

  1. Would it be interesting to get mentors included into our
     web-sentinel David is continuousely busy to enhance.  We
     could parse mentors whether there are packages hanging around
     that are mentioned in our tasks packages.

  2. What is the general procedure for sponsoring those packages?
     I was not able to find any information whether Michael has
     "his favourite sponsor".  Well I guess Michael is basically
     interested in getting his stuff uploaded soon and thus he will
     probably not really care who is just uploading but the fact
     that he did not announced a request for sponsoring here is
     a sign that he is not really seeking a sponsor and my guess
     is that the delay in the upload is just caused by the problems
     of ftp-master.

     But besides these assumptions I wonder how we could keep track
     of the sponsoring procedure.  I would love if we would have some
     control who sponsored a package to cause some action in case
     this sponsor is say on vacation or what else.  What do you
     think about this.

BTW, Michael, what do you think about pushing your packaging stuff
of nifticlib into our Debian-Med SVN?

Kind regards



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