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Re: RFC: cups as "default" printing system for lenny?

lpr's standard priority nonwithstanding, CUPS has been the default print
system in Debian -- if you select the desktop or print server tasks --
for at least the last two releases. This is why popcon shows 5000 lpr
installations to 45000 cupsys installations.

Yes, it would make more sense for samba to default to CUPS, if there's
some reason it can't probe/support both, and if it can't use the generic
lpr interface also provided by cupsys.

Yes, there's no reason to have any printing system at standard priority.
A full CUPS install with all the PPDs and such would bloat standard
enormously. Just making cupsys standard would perhaps allow spooling to
remote printers from the command line, but not much else. d-i makes it
easy enough to get CUPS installed.

see shy jo

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