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Re: crossbuild support: help2man considered harmful

Le mercredi 07 novembre 2007 à 17:08 +0000, Neil Williams a écrit :
> One step better would be to only use help2man *upstream* and package
> the manpages in the .orig.tar.gz
> IMHO, the best solution is simply not to use help2man at all but use
> doclifter and xsltproc or some other method (docbook-2-man,
> docbook-xsl) or whatever - anything that works with plain text files
> and does not try to execute the compiled binaries.

docbook-to-man serves a different purpose: creating a manual page from a
XML format. Instead, help2man is useful for creating manual pages from
the existing options implemented in the binary.

For Debian packages, the best solution is probably to regenerate the
manual page at every major upstream version, and to put it in the
debian/ directory.

BTW, there is another package which does this, and which is likely to
cause you much more trouble: python. The build system compiles the
modules using the generated python binary.

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