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Re: Translations, locales and gconv


Le mardi 06 novembre 2007 à 12:41 +0000, Neil Williams a écrit :
> This thread will seek a sustainable method that separates the
> translation files and all gconv and zoneinfo support into a dedicated
> structure, outside the normal $mirror/debian main archive layout, such
> that Debian can support installing all translations (as now), no
> translations (for Emdebian on a router etc.) and any permutation of
> translations, appropriate gconv support and any mix of zoneinfo support
> that would be appropriate for an embedded device like a PDA or
> smartphone etc.
> Such a system would also be ideal for allowing translators to upload
> translation updates without needing a package upload by the maintainer.

This is a laudable goal and I would much like to see something like
this, especially as it would provide a consistent way of updating

> In due course, I would wish to see the presence of /usr/share/locale/
> in a package in Debian main as an RC violation of Policy. It would also
> be good to discourage non-gettext methods of translation to enable
> support within the new system.

Currently, gettext is the standard format for translating, but not for
all of the generated translations. Especially, there are many .desktop
files generated with intltool, for which .mo files are useless.

Therefore, if you want the format to properly support translating these
files, you would have to provide a framework to automatically generate
them for a given set of languages using intltool.

> This second layer would need separate dpkg and apt cache data.

Given the amount of hackery inside APT that involves, I fear this won't
be available before several releases.

How about, as another interim measure, developing a standard way to
configure dpkg to automatically include or exclude some file patterns
from the extracted packages? This would have other nice uses such as
excluding all documentation.

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