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Re: dh_installinit

Russ Allbery wrote:
Sylvain Garcia <sylvain.garcia@aliasource.fr> writes:

Thanks for your anwswer

How verify if the the program start by init script wait an entry on
standard input; because when use init y hand this script work perfectly.

Ah, hm.  This may be a different problem, then.  Some daemons don't close
file descriptors, and Debian maintainer scripts sometimes have other file
descriptors open.  This can create a situation where the maintainer script
waits for the daemon to close the file descriptor and hence hangs.

Often adding:

# Make sure we don't leave file descriptors open.
exec 3>/dev/null
exec </dev/null

to the start of the init script will fix this problem.  That's kind of a
hack, but without modifying the daemon, I'm not aware of a better fix.

Thanks all for your answer, It's work.

I have modify my init script with [pathToTheScriptDaemon] 3>  /dev/null


Sylvain Garcia

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