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Re: dh_installinit

Selon Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org>:

> Sylvain Garcia <sylvain.garcia@aliasource.fr> writes:
> > I would like package an application for debian and use dh_installinit
> > for install init script, but I have problem.
> > dh_installinit has add installation script at the of postint, but when i
> > want install my .deb the postinst script take a pause when invoke-rc.d
> > start the init script.
> > If I want continu I must make "Ctrl + c"
> Sounds like a bug in the init script.  In particular, it sounds like the
> init script is starting some program that's waiting for input on standard
> input.  This would be bad when the init script is run during system boot
> as well.
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Thanks for your anwswer

How verify if the the program start by init script wait an entry on standard
input; because when use init y hand this script work perfectly.

for the init script I use /etc/init.d/skeleton. When I comeback at my job I will
send my init script.


Sylvain Garcia

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