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Re: dpkg-shlibdeps and private libraries


I would like to seek for some clarification of the thread from September
this year because I also have to use the rpath feature, but it became
not really clear to me, how this has to be used.  I need it for the
package arb.  At compile time the libraries are


the binaries that will be linked against the libs should be go to


At installation time the filles will be installed to a directory


were the binaries go to


The current packages install the dynamic libraries simply to /usr/lib
which I want to fix now.  They should go to


Could anybody enlighten me what compiler options I have to give to
enable compile time and runtime correctly working.  I tried

    g++ ... -Lrpath /usr/lib/arb/lib ...  -L<pkg-build-dir>/lib

which just caused

    /usr/bin/ld: /usr/lib/arb/lib: No such file: File format not recognized

I obviousely missinterpreted the docs and wonder what might be the
right approach.

Kind regards



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