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glibc 2.7


This morning glibc 2.7-0exp5 was accidentally uploaded to unstable
instead of experimental. This was quickly brought up on #debian-release,
and a short discussion followed where it was decided how to proceed.

The upload per se was not so bad, since glibc 2.7 is in quite good shape
for unstable, but the release team really wanted to avoid at all costs a
libc6 shlib bump in unstable *right now* (due to pending transitions),
and the glibc maintainers really wanted to avoid an epoch, so it was
decided to quickly upload to unstable a 2.7-0exp6 that would purposely
FTBFS, so that the source would be in unstable, but no binaries would be
available, effectively preventing building against 2.7. (*)

When the current set of pending transitions clears up, a normal upload
of glibc 2.7 will follow to unstable. We expect it to take approximately
a week.

That's all.

  (*) This was possible because 2.7-0exp6 was uploaded without including
      arch:any binaries, only arch:all. Such uploads are uploaded are
      allowed by dak. Otherwise binaries would exist for one architecture.

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Debian Developer                                  adeodato at debian.org
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