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Re: Friendly reminder: the Vcs-Browser field is now official

Romain Francoise schrieb:
> Hi all,
> The packages listed below use the 'XS-Vcs-Browse' field, which has
> been obsoleted by the new, official 'Vcs-Browser' field.  Please
> consider upgrading your control files to use that.  Also note that
> the proper capitalization is 'Vcs-Browser', not 'VCS-Browser'.
> Thanks.

So, should we use XS-Vcs-* or Vcs-* [1] in debian/control now?
Is there a documentation/wiki/etc. of valid fields somewhere?


[1] * being Vcs-Browser, Vcs-Arch, Vcs-Bzr, Vcs-Cvs, Vcs-Darcs,
    Vcs-Git, Vcs-Hg, Vcs-Mtn or Vcs-Svn
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