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Re: VCSs on Alioth and personal repositories

On Thu, 25 Oct 2007, Luca Capello wrote:
> > They are not the same. Those are backupped, whereas the previous
> > ones are not.
> Sorry, I didn't know that and I cannot find any hint about it on the
> wiki pages about Alioth and Alioth VCSs.

Feel free to fix that.

> > It's not always technically needed. I agree that we should require
> > it for darcs too for consistency. But since I didn't setup it, I
> > haven't said anything... :)
> I see the subfolder VCS as redundant, but I don't know at all how
> Alioth is managed and I'm probably missing some httpd management
> knowledge, too.
> If we keep it, I'll file an rt on Alioth for it, which was my
> preferred choice and not sgran's one, to be honest.

Well, I like to have http urls similar to svn:// bzr:// url and all
the ssh URL always start with /{bzr,svn,...}/ as that's the physical

> I cannot find any hint about it on the wiki pages about Alioth and
> Alioth VCSs, can you elaborate, please?  What I'd know, apart from the
> issue here (VCSs and personal repositories), is what's is eligible for
> backup and what's not.

The user decides whether it's worth to be on the backup... we have no
defined policy. Obviously repositories used for the packaging can be
backupped. Random personal repositories (quick hacks, topic branches, etc)
are better suited in the non-backupped part.

Raphaël Hertzog

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