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Re: Re: Enabling and installing of "risky" ("patented") codecs - madeeasy

I don't see why users in countries where software is not patentable should be forced to jump through hoops to get access to multimedia software. If this repository is not added to the user's sources.list file by default then there is no advantage in setting up yet another repository for such software.
There would be the advantage that the software is distributed by Debian, and it should be easier to add/enable the repository.
I think the Debian project needs to seek legal advice on the subject. We need to know who actually becomes liable for patent infringement if we set up a repository in a country where software cannot be patented. I would guess the answer would be anyone who distributes the software; therefore it would be up to each mirror to decide whether to mirror this archive.
I suppose that both distributors and users are liable. Otherwise, it would be good to ask on debian-legal.

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