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Re: Bug#447712: Package could be non-free in the United Kingdom

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On 10/23/07 09:36, Matthew Vernon wrote:
> On 23 Oct 2007, at 15:04, Lars Wirzenius wrote:
>> ti, 2007-10-23 kello 12:35 +0100, Matthew Vernon kirjoitti:
>>> The Authorized Version of the Bible isn't covered by Copyright in
>>> the
>>> conventional sense. The Queen's Printer (currently Cambridge
>>> University Press) has an exclusive commercial right to print the AV
>>> (and the BCP, but that's not relevant here) in England
>> Would not a restriction on commercial use still be against the DFSG, and
>> the package therefore be problematic?
> It's not quite that simple. You can't print and sell Bibles in the UK
> (unless you are CUP or OUP). Would a bomb-making text in Debian be
> non-free because the UK forbids you to print and sell it?

Importantly (maybe?), the right is to *print* the AV.  Is there a
mention, or assumption, that downloading as electronic file is the
same as printing it?

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