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Re: Enabling and installing of "risky" ("patented") codecs - madeeasy

Sam Morris:
> I don't see why users in countries where software is not patentable
> should be forced to jump through hoops to get access to multimedia
> software. If this repository is not added to the user's sources.list file
> by default then there is no advantage in setting up yet another
> repository for such software.

AFAICT the non-free repository isn't added either. Only main and contrib are.

> I think the Debian project needs to seek legal advice on the subject. We
> need to know who actually becomes liable for patent infringement if we
> set up a repository in a country where software cannot be patented. I
> would guess the answer would be anyone who distributes the software;
> therefore it would be up to each mirror to decide whether to mirror this
> archive.

Very good idea, this should be made clear ASAP!

> If this is the case, and if end users are not liable for downloading
> patentable software, then I don't see why d-i can't enable the source by
> default.

For the same reason non-free ist disabled by default, I guess. It's not in main, i.e. it's not Debian.

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