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Re: Bug#447592: RFP: fckeditor -- text/file editor for PHP

Roland Mas wrote:
> Nico Golde just contacted me about a problem found in the FCKeditor
> code that's shipped in the Gforge package.  Apparently, there's at
> least one other package that ships this code (knowledgeroot), so the
> code is effectively duplicated.  It would be better for everyone if
> that software was packaged independently, and others could just depend
> on it.

I'm trying to package[1] ispCP Omega[2], which ships some software already
available in Debian such as libphp-adodb, phpmyadmin, squirrelmail, etc.

I've encountered many problems because it is not a straight-forward thing to
use the packages provided by Debian (libphp-adodb is not problematic,

The situation is: ispCP Omega ships together with phpmyadmin, a custom theme
(correctly installed as any other theme) and a _custom config file_.
The latter is done so users can directly log into phpmyadmin from within the

And with the current way phpmyadmin is packaged it is not possible to just
make it use a different config file. Also, symlinking parts of phpmyadmin
isn't a pretty way to do it (and might not work either).

All I'm trying to say is: we need more coordination so a package can be
reused by some other major suite/package.

[1] http://www.isp-control.net/ispcp_svn/branches/debian/
[2] http://www.isp-control.net/

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