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Menu categories


I have tried to make a script that converts desktop files into
reasonable menu files.  My perl ability generally sucks, but I did
something that at least worked. Thanks to people around various irc

But in the process of mapping between freedesktop.org desktop categories
and menu sections, a couple of questiotns arised where we might be
missing something in the allowed menu sections:

Multimedia players, editors and such:
Audio/sound players, editors, ... goes to Applications/Sound
Video players, editors, ... goes to Applications/Video.

But nowadays quite many players and editors handle both video and audio
- where do they belong? Or does audio+video players just go in video?

Several applications for photo collections and such fits in these
Applications/Data Management

where should it be located?

Calendar programs? Is that Applications/Data Management?

Simple calculators? Applications/Science/Mathematics  seems kind of ...
well there is not much science in small calculators.

A program like xclock - where would it belong? Games/Toys?

Programs to manage your dialup connection? is that
Applications/System/Administration ? or somewhere under

Similar for remote access programs.

Comments welcome.

oh - and if people want to study my silly perl:
 - comments on that also welcome, but probably private mail is better.


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