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Re: Handling of poorly maintained and useless packages

On 12/10/2007 Raphael Geissert wrote:
> Kevin Mark wrote:
> > If I am a user of one of these packages who may have the skill to adopt
> > it or may know someone who can, I may want to know about its orphaning.
> > At current, this is going to be noted on -devel.
> > 
> > I would like a message on the user lists on _all_ orphaned packages,
> > maybe just a CC of the current WNPP report?
> I think many people wouldn't be happy to receive all those emails.
> What about just running wnpp-alert once a week? you can even setup a weekly
> cronjob and receive the reports in your email account ;-)

debian-user is already a high-traffic list. I don't think that one more
message per week makes a big difference.

I really like Kevins idea to send wnpp mails to debian-user as well.


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