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Re: Handling of poorly maintained and useless packages

On Fri, Oct 12, 2007 at 09:13:11AM +0200, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> Hi,
> This mail tries to address the problem of not orphaned, poorly maintained
> or useless packages in Debian. The proposal below tries to address both
> cases, because they are often related. (useless packages tend to be poorly
> maintained, and vice-versa).
> [I originally planned to discuss this during the QA meeting. But it might
> be a better idea to first start the discussion on the mailing list, so we
> get a rough idea of the things that have to be discussed in the meeting.
> Also, this was originally posted to -qa@. Since it didn't degenerate into
> a flamewar, I'm posting this to -devel@ after doing some minor changes to
> get opinions from a larger audience.]

It seems like a great idea to remove some pacakges that are not getting
the attention from the developers and are not the best they can be for
the users. I have a point to add:

If I am a user of one of these packages who may have the skill to adopt
it or may know someone who can, I may want to know about its orphaning.
At current, this is going to be noted on -devel. 

I would like a message on the user lists on _all_ orphaned packages,
maybe just a CC of the current WNPP report?

While I guess interested folks may be expected to look into maintaining
a package they use, it may not happen because they assume 'someone out
there' is doing it. But an ocassional email to the 'users of debian'
telling that something is going to be orphaned, might wake up those "out
of the loop." Any chance to get folks interested in Debian seem like a
great thing, even if its only an odd email on user list. What's a few
bytes between friends ;-)

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