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Bug#446030: RFA: kbd -- Linux console font and keytable utilities

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

[Please add me to your CC list.]

I request an adopter for the "kbd" package.

Actually it was never my intention to maintain "kbd", but its
maintainer was the group "Console utilities maintainers" and it seems
currently I am the only member of this group... :)

Here are the reasons why I am unable to maintain "kbd" properly and
why a new maintainer is wanted:

  1. I have absolutely no experience in compiling utilities like the
     utilities in "kbd".  I am not sure I will be able to fix
     any compilation errors if such errors occur.

  2. While I have some experience in the script part of the package, I
     can not effectively watch these scripts because their effect is
     canceled by the scripts in the package console-setup (which I

  3. (This is not a kbd-related problem.)  Recently I am unable to
     process the email messages I receive as promptly, as a Debian
     maintainer should do.

I think the package is currently in a more or less clean state.  I
haven't fixed #443645 and #443606 because I think the new maintainer
should decide what should be done (these bugs are easy to fix but they
allow two alternative solutions).  There are patches in BTS about
#190385, #190386 and may be #190387 but I haven't tried to fix things
I don't understand.  As of #399531, in BTS there is a suggestion how
to fix.  And the only bug without a solution in BTS is #437248.

Anton Zinoviev

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