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Re: Bug#445866: ITP: perforce -- closed source revision control system

Sam Clegg <sam@superduper.net> wrote:
> > 	Perforce is an absolutely *excellent* VCS with the unfortunate
> > distinction of being proprietary. SubVersion can do most (but not all) of
> > what it does, albeit 10 times slower. Still, I've migrated all of my stuff
> > over to subversion, because, well, subversion is free. Perforce is free (as
> > in "free beer") for open source developers, if you want more than 2 users on
> > one VCS server, you have to sign a contract, get a license, give the
> > perforce people full access to your repo, sign a new contract whenever you
> > server's IP address changes, and renew each year....
> Slightly off topic, but you don't need to give the perforce people
> access to you repo (unless you really want them to come in a fix
> something) and you don't need to renew each year (unless you want
> support from them).

  You don't need to go through all of that if you buy the product. If you
get a free open source developmnet license, they want you to renew every
year, and they want an account on your server so they can make sure you've
only got open source code on there.

		- Tyler

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