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Re: Bug#445866: ITP: perforce -- closed source revision control system

* Pierre Habouzit:

>> How about "people use it"?  There's plenty of installations of
>> perforce;
>   s/perforce/windows/ and the sentence is still true ;)

The Windows copyright is pretty restrictive AFAIK.  If it weren't, I'm
certain we hould ship things like Virtualbox VMs in non-free because
there is real demand.

And your Microsoft reference is *so* 90s. 8-)

>> I think making it easier to use Debian with them is
>> within the mandate for non-free.
>   There is ways to interact with perforce in debian, in a free way:
> git-p4 being one of them.

| * The import does not require anything from the Perforce client view as
|   it just uses
|   "p4 print //depot/path/file#revision" to get the actual file contents.

Seems to me that this depends on Perforce.  D'oh.

(I don't know anything about Perforce.  Perhaps it's really dangerous
software.  But perhaps it's just non-free.)

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