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Re: Testing parallel builds

On Mon, Oct 08, 2007 at 06:53:05AM -0400, Daniel Schepler wrote:
> Inspired by today's new upload of dpkg, I'm going to try doing a rebuild of 
> the archive using "dpkg-buildpackage -j3" and submit bugs as I find them.  
> The bugs will be wishlist for now, and I'll assign usertag 
> schepler@math.unipd.it:ftbfs-parallel to those bug reports for those 
> interested in tracking the issue.

hmm... i was just trying to understand how to enhance my packges for
parallel build. (BTW how do you rebuild the whole archive?)

if i got it right, those packages built using make & co should not need
any modification, while others (eg boost) which use other build systems
(eg bjam) may need some more work.

in the latter case, is there any conventional way to parse DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS?
last time i read about it there were a couple of ways both having dark
sides... ah.. BTW google is not able to provide me any documentation
of DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS. where is it documented?


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