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Re: Compiling all packages with debug information?

On Mon, Oct 08, 2007 at 11:07:47AM +0200, Sebastian Harl wrote:
> Hi,

Hi tokkee :)

> This is already done for a number of packages. The package names should have
> the prefix -dbg and install all debugging symbols to /usr/lib/debug/<path> so
> they are installable with apt-get / aptitude just like any other package.

True, true, true... I guess it's a good solution as we have it now, if the
maintainer thinks a -dbg package would be useful, he/she can create one and
provide it to the users. I personally wouldn't do that for smaller packages
which are compiled on "normal modern i386 stuff" in less than 15 minutes because
I think that in this case the user can do that on his own. For big packages
(like KDE for example) it's definitively better to have such a -dbg package.

> However, it is not a requirement yet to have a -dbg package for all source
> packages. People fear that the number of packages (and thus the archive size)
> grows too much. There is an ongoing discussion though about how to solve this
> - I could not find a pointer to it right now though.

Mhh'k... Archivesize... How many percent of the whole mirrorsize belong to -dbg


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