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Re: Report on the Debian pkg-perl group presence at YAPC::EU 2007

Hi Gunnar, list,

first of all thanks for the summary and reminding us all of the things
we discussed those days. Let me quickly expand on the bits that involve

On Oct 3, 2007, at 5:59 PM, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
When talking with Jos Boumans, I basically had to eat my own words: I
understood that the CPANPLUS project, which he started, had been
basically abandoned and its ideas integrated back in the main CPAN
module. He corrected me, and pointed me that CPANPLUS will be the main
CPAN infrastructure starting with Perl 5.10 (due Real Soon Now). This
has major implications for our group, specially for dh-make-perl, as
we are probably duplicating work by now - Via the CPANPLUS Dist::Deb
[5] infrastructure, Jos is (will be? With which periodicity? Sorry, we
have to regain contact...) creating a repository of unofficial .deb
packages out of the whole CPAN. We shortly talked over about how it
should be presented so as not to clash (or even better: To properly
integrate cooperatively!) with Debian's official, human-inspected

We currently have a nightly cronjob which takes the phalanx top 100[1],
an unofficial list of the 100 most 'important' perl modules and all
the modules needed to build & package debian modules and generate
debian modules on the fly.

You can find the instructions to use the repository here:


These packages are built with a different prefix (cpan-) and are
installed in user space on debian boxes, rather than in the official
debian locations to avoid conflicts. More details on this on the
above instructions page.

However, the same APIs used to build the custom packages, can also
be used to create 'proper' debian packages, which can go through
your QA procedure before being integrated in the official releases,
hopefully eliminating a lot of the tedious, repetitive work needed
to release CPAN modules, allowing you to focus on the more important
QA aspects.

I've talked at length with Jeremiah about this, and we found that
it's basically a matter of 'just doing it' to make this work, as
all the needed interfaces are there.

Jeremiah's been investigating how to do this best and I've offered
him, and by proxy you all, my best efforts to assist him in doing

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.



	Jos Boumans

	How do I prove I am not crazy to people who are?

[1] http://search.cpan.org/~smpeters/Bundle-Phalanx/lib/Bundle/ Phalanx100.pm

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