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Re: Cleaning out useless debian/changelog entries

On tisdagen den 2 oktober 2007, Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 01, 2007 at 04:47:16PM +0200, Magnus Holmgren wrote:
> > I'm taking over a package (pike7.6) that up to when it was orphaned got
> > an automated changelog entry each time the upstream build number was
> > incremented. Hence debian/changelog contains tens of completely
> > informationless entries ("The latest cvs snapshot", nothing more). I'm
> > thinking about deleting those which don't correspond to an actual upload
> > to Debian. Would that be acceptable, or is debian/changelog _strictly_
> > prepend-only?
> IMHO it's not strictly prepend-only. You are allowed to correct mistakes
> in previous entries. But it should strictly document the history of your
> package. After a quick search thourgh the pike7.6 changelog I have not
> found any such entries which do not correspond to an actual upload. 

I compared the changelog to the PTS log ("Latest News"). Is the PTS log 
incomplete (after 7.6.24-1, I mean)?

> Do 
> not delete these entries. They document that the source of the package
> was updated to the latest cvs upstream version. Why do you think they
> are useless?

They are useless IMHO iff they don't reflect the history of the package in 
Debian because they just add noise.

Magnus Holmgren        holmgren@lysator.liu.se
                       (No Cc of list mail needed, thanks)

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