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Re: Shared libraries, dependencies and symbols files

> > Is it possible to compare this data against unofficial kfreebsd-(i386|amd64)
> > and armel ports in http://ftp.gnuab.org/debian/ [1] ? Armel port is
> > softfloat, and thus libraries using floats can end up exporting
> > inlined softfloat math functions.

> Honestly, I have spent too much time on this project already and I'd
> rather have some help instead of giving me more work... 

Fair enough. Do you have a todo-list where to pick up tasks from?

> So while I could do it, I won't do it... Aurélien asked me to add support
> for those arches in the listing above and I'll try to do it if Jeroen
> manages to add support for those arches in Mole.

That would be greatly appreceated.

"rm -rf" only sounds scary if you don't have backups

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