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Re: Bug#443769: rt2500-source: Missing dependency on bzip2

Hamish Moffatt schrieb:
> True, but what would be the harm in depending on bzip2? Given that

Well, i don't see a harm caused by that. But IMHO it is just a question
of how to  read the policy, as it states the (spongelike) sentence:

"The Depends field should be used if the depended-on package is required
for the depending package to provide a significant amount of functionality."

What does significant amount mean? Absolutely sure is, that Depends
should only be used if the depended thing is *required*, but what for?
If you consider unpacking module source tarballs as significant amount
of functionality, then one *needs* to depend on bzip2. But thats not
sure, because not every source tarball is distributed as a bzip2 tarball.

> module-assistant installs build-essential it doesn't seem like space is
> an important consideration.

When i read this sentence I had an idea of what would eventually be
better. module-assistant is installing build-essential, you said. Why
shouldn't it install bzip2 on demand? It would make sense, wouldn't it?



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