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Text mode forever (or why all is so boring?)

I like text mode. Not because X and vga (adapters) sux, but because i
have no art vision at all. I amazed by any trivial paining and drawing,
required in art/architecture courses (not by official art, though).

I happened to see some ascii art occasionally, never thought, that
there was/is some kind of society around that. Saw `bb` (aalib demo), as
well as text rendering engine for GTK2 3 years ago.

Now i have time and internet to see and do some stuff. I also have
shell/sed skills upgrade, so imagination works in many ways on that, how
user interface in ttys, text processing of any kind (e.g sources, data)
can be improved to be more productive, efficient and interesting.

How boring and ugly thing, like console messaging, shell command
line, make menuconfig (in linux), emacs UI are, even, when you got
used to it.

Used `linuxlogo` on my prev. machine. The Debian Logo there, is the
ugliest thing i ever saw. Not only look, but also unimplemented
background coloring are things, that i don't like. I did some editing to
original swirl. I think, new one looks much better. After applying of some
coloring, i happened to do trivial color-filling animation.


Then i started to think, why there are no suck things every where. Like
in install, package update, boot (see, pa, no `splash' and kernel
patching needed) and all other sorts of boring processes most people
doing in a tty.

After another wave of aa mood, i happened to see text mode demos, like

<http://taat.fi/tmdc/tmdc8inv.zip>   (win32 exe)
<ftp://flower.upol.cz/upload/TMDC8/> (screenshots)

This invitation demo to tmdc8 is just awesome. I still am listening just
music track from it.

Happened to read stuff, like this:

(yes, stupid boot process for millions of luzerz, booting everyday)

Most funny thing is, that GFX for awesome demo above is written by non
other, than DPL Sam. Oh well...
 #oo'L O
<___=E M

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