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Re: ITP: pgplot-perl -- PGPLOT Perl module

Hi again Gürkan:

On Tue, 18 Sep 2007, Gürkan Sengün wrote:

Hello Carlo

I have no objection to working on this, being the maintainer of pgplot5. The problem is that there is a bug filed against pgplot5 because it doesn't properly support libpgplot-perl (pgplot-perl or formerly pgperl) [0]. I have not had any time to figure this out for the past 8 months unfortunately. Part of the problem is that pgplot5 has a very complex build system and I inherited it from an MIA maintainer (silly me...).

Hm, the version I used worked just fine for the astronomy physics user I have built it for. Maybe it was fixed in a later version (2.20)? Could you check it from here: http://gnu.ethz.ch/debian/pgplot-perl/

The bug was specific to the amd64 architecture only. It always seemed to build using i386. In any case, the latest version, pgplot5-11, fixes the problem (thanks Niko!).

I guess i'll have to move it into non-free and rename it to libpgplot-perl for Debian inclusion... but first I need to find a sponsor (maybe the perl debian group)

It should be contrib, not non-free, I think. If you put it in the Debian-Perl repository, I could easily sponsor it. As it stands, I have a workable package of 2.20 based on the 2.18 pgperl package from the sarge days. It needs to be converted to gfortran but I would suggest that you start from the previous version simply because it contains the changelog from it's initial time in Debian. I will send you the files in a separate email so you can incorporate it all into your package. You may remove any reference to what I have done since it was never released.



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