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Re: Packages with RFCs deleted

Charles Plessy <charles-debian-nospam@plessy.org> writes:

> Much of the free software development is about creating replacements
> of non-free component to build a free OS with free applications.

If so, that's an effect, not the goal. The goal isn't about "creating
replacements", it's about increasing freedom for all software users.

> But to my ears "removing files" does not sound like "creating"
> something.

Right. Refusing to be party to restricting others' essential software
freedoms includes preserving those freedoms by removing non-free parts
of works that one redistributes.

> It just does not bring anything new to the world,

It increases the freedom of the recipient, in comparison to
distributing the work with those non-free parts.

> makes nothing easier,

It makes it easier to know what one's freedoms are to the received

> and does not solve any problem other than cosmetical...

If you believe software freedom for users is a "cosmetical" issue, you
may be looking for a different operating system. This is Debian.

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